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What are the Highlights of an Executive Education Program?
An executive education program is meant to be a wholesome experience. While some professionals participate for professional growth, others participate for the networking, and yet others for the possibility of a promotion or new job. But considering t
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Artificial Intelligence Promotes Growth and Success
Berkeley Haas Assistant Professor Anastassia Fedyk and co-authors found that firms that invested more in artificial intelligence technology increased sales and employment, leading to higher levels of industry concentration.Increasingly, artificial in
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Do Business Executives Lie More Than the Average Person?
Looking back at the economist and leading intellectual of the Progressive Era, Thorstein Veblen’s ideas about business, lying, and capitalism. One of the most recognized economists at the University of Chicago at the turn of the 20th century, Veble
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Alternate Reality Games are Addressing Global Issues
On this episode of the Big Brains podcast, Prof. Patrick Jagoda and Assoc. Prof. Kristen Schilt talk about how they design alternate reality games to address issues ranging from climate change to public health.The UChicago scholars design alternate r
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The Pandemic Gave Way to a ‘Massive Infodemic’
Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization is also fighting another dangerous and complicated phenomenon – a “massive ‘infodemic,’”.Considering the fact that not much was known about how COVID-19 would affect humans, me
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What is Executive Education?
After working for a few years, you might increasingly hear about people attending executive education programs. You might even encounter people suggesting that you should do one.But, if you’re thinking, “What exactly is an executive education pro
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