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10 Ways to Manage a Global Team Successfully
https://northwest.education/insights/careers/10-ways-to-manage-a-global-team-successfully/More and more businesses are relying on a geographically diverse workforce to flourish in today’s global economy. They assemble and manage a global team&
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How to Change Your Leadership Style in a Changing Environment
https://northwest.education/insights/careers/how-to-change-your-leadership-style-in-a-changing-environment/What is leadership? It can be described as the act of guiding or having influence over a person, group, or an organization. With the chang
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What To Do if You Receive a Verbal Job Offer
https://northwest.education/insights/careers/what-to-do-if-you-receive-a-verbal-job-offer/A verbal job offer is one of the most common ways for employers to communicate with candidates after they have been selected for a position. However, befor
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CEO vs Founder – Is a CEO Higher Than a Founder?
https://northwest.education/insights/executive-leadership/ceo-vs-founder-is-a-ceo-higher-than-a-founder/Corporate titles can be challenging to understand. As is the case with the CEO vs founder. Both are known to run the company and sometimes th
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How to Delegate – Why is Delegation Important?
https://northwest.education/insights/careers/how-to-delegate-why-is-delegation-important/Delegation is a tool and a skill that can be used to garner more control of a team that also helps boost the professional development of the team members. It all
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CEO vs COO vs CFO – Roles and Responsibilities
https://northwest.education/insights/executive-leadership/ceo-vs-coo-vs-cfo-roles-and-responsibilities/In the C-suite, the most prominent positions are the CEO, COO, and CFO – the chief executive officer, the chie
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