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Master of Engineering (M.E)
Master of Engineering (M.E) is a postgraduate program in the fields of Engineering and technology. The course is for 2 years and to get avail of this course you should have an undergraduate degree in Bachelors in Engineers or Technology. There are ma
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B.Tech Civil Engineering
B.Tech in Civil Engineering is one of the primaeval and vast field in the engineering streamlet. B.Tech in civil engineering is a 4 year under graduate program consisting of 8 semesters of both practical and theoretical assessments. Civil engineering
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B.Tech Biochemical Engineering
B.Tech in Biochemical engineering is majorly an interdisciplinary course combining biotechnology and chemical engineering to make high end finished products. Biochemical engineering studies the concepts of biotechnology and chemicals to merge them in
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B.Tech Biomedical Engineering
B.Tech Biomedical Engineering is an important course in the engineering domain which deals with the study, principles and application of medicine and biology in daily life. The very same Biomedical engineering studies the various principles, methodol
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B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering
B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering is a very competent course in the engineering field. B.Tech Biotech is a very familiar course which has emerged in the field of science and technology. Biotechnology in engineering is a 4- year undergraduate program d
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B.Tech Plastic Engineering
Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) or Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Plastic or sometimes referred as plastic technology is an undergraduate course taken up for the duration of four years in an engineering college. Plastic engineers are responsible
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