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B.Sc Photography
Bachelors of Science in Photography is a three years long undergraduate degree. This is a crucial step for students who enjoy clicking photographs and telling visual stories. This course will help them sharpen their photography skills and learn all
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Bachelor of Statistics
The process of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, presenting, and organizing of data is simply known as statistics. Bachelor of Statistics is an undergraduate degree which is a 3-year course. Statistics is required in every industry and it has a wi
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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
Science can be seen in day to day life. The universe is built up by science. Science can be experienced by everyone right from childhood. Science is an adventurous course with lots of experiments.
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B.Sc Food Science
Food is the basic need of every living being. The type of food differs for every species. A course that one can learn about food is Bachelor of Science in Food Science or B.Sc. Food Science It is an undergraduate Food Technology Course with the cours
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B.Sc Pure Science
B.Sc Pure science is one of the most important courses as we require it in our day to day life and it builds and improves our knowledge. Students can opt subjects related to physical sciences, mathematical science and natural sciences. Students who t
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B.Sc Physics
This course is derived from the Ancient Astronomy thus have a wide range of scope in higher studies related to stronomy. Physics a branch of science that everyone from India will learn from their mid-school, this is one of the subjects where we can e
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