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Attention Animal Lovers: Your Pet’s Teeth Also Matters
Pets need dental attention too! While your general dentist is probably not qualified to take a peek in your dog’s mouth, that doesn’t mean that you should let your pet skip regular dental visits.
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New Study Sheds Light On Detecting Diabetes at the Dentist
When we think of going to the dentist, we normally don’t think of anything else but our oral health. But what if more dentists started screening for overall health issues in addition to normal cleanings and procedures? Every year, Americans “visi
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The Science of Growing Teeth
If a patient has lost multiple teeth, whether from gum disease, a sports-related incident, or a car accident, severe trauma to the mouth can require lengthy and extremely costly procedures.
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Treating Broken or Knocked Out Teeth
Dental trauma can be painful and difficult to handle. If a tooth breaks or is knocked out, you should seek professional dental help immediately.
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4 Mouthwash Options: Advantages and Drawbacks
Many dentists recommend using mouthwash in combination with brushing and flossing for keeping fresh breath, preventing cavities, and fighting gingivitis. However, not all mouth rinses are created equal! There are plenty of factors to consider when bu
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Dental crowns in Rockhampton
North Rocky Dental is an expert dental service in Rockhampton that aims at providing the best dental care at a reasonable price to the local community. We pay attention to detail while treating our patients, and ensure that they are provided with the
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