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Birds Wooden Knob Puzzle Board 3+ Years
Introducing the Pegboard, a perfect tool to help children develop fine motor skills while having fun. This colorful and durable set shapes to sort through and is perfect for learning basic shapes and problem-solving. Guaranteed to capture the attenti
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Birds Flash Knowledge Cards 2+ Years
New way of teaching about various birds with minileaves flash cards . 14 double sided knowledge cards abouts various birds about their habitat, colors, and locations.
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Birds 4 Pieces Wooden Puzzles 2+ Years
The set includes 6 kinds of Jungle Birds Peacock, Owl, Crow, Swan, Humming Bird, and Woodpecker. Vivid colors and cute animals will attract children's attention for a long time, making them keep busy and calm down. Designed as 4 pieces wooden puzzle
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Barnyard Wooden Pegged Puzzle 2+ Years
Find the moo or bhoo bhoo with the Animal Barnyard peg puzzle from Mini Leaves Travel to a sunny farm and discover different animals such as a cow, hen, rabbit, and much more. Made with smooth and natural wood, this 9-piece puzzle is perfect for litt
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Baby Elephant Wooden Gear Toys with 5 Interchangeable Gears for 2+ Years
Introduce your child to the exciting world of engineering with our new learning gear toy! The colorful Owl and chunky play pieces help develop fine motor skills, while the mix-and-match play fosters creativity and an understanding of cause and effect
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Baby Animals 35 pieces puzzle 3+ Years
Some animals live underground for multiple reasons such as to protect themselves and their young ones from predators, survive extreme temperatures, reproduction, hibernation, and food supply. Discover those animal lives underground the burrow and imp
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