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F-1 OPT Visa for US: How to Stay in the US After Your Degree
Enhancing your professional credibility before stepping into the vocational world is one prudent way of acquiring a cutting edge above the others in this era of competitive employable reality. However, most F-1 visa holders in the United States are o read more
Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld on How to Keep Email Introductions at Bay
You have most certainly been in the awkward position where you are almost pressured into email introductions with a friend or colleague of a former colleague. If you haven’t found a way to deal with this phenomenon, read Professor Jeffrey read more
Moral Upskilling Should Take Precedence Over Digital Upskilling
Provost’s chair and professor, management and organisation, David De Cremer writes that moral upskilling should take precedence over digital upskilling. He says that we are moving into an almost obsessive focus on the need for digital ski read more
5 Top Leadership and Management Courses and Programs
The future scope and success of organizations around the globe is exponentially determined by the decisions and policies adopted by individuals functioning in executive leadership and managerial positions. This makes it imperative for such executive read more
Inexpensive Ways to Find Out What Your Customer Really Wants
Prof. Arthur Middlebrooks explains simple and inexpensive ways to find out what your customer really wants before developing a product. Prof. Middlebrooks insists that it’s not hard and not necessarily an expensive affair to find out what read more
How to Manage a Hybrid Office
On this episode of The Big Question, a video series from Chicago Booth Review, host Hal Weitzman talks with experts about how to manage a hybrid office. Steven Davis, William H. Abbott Distinguished Service Professor of International Business an read more