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The Connection between Competition and Corporate Social Responsibility
If you are confused about who a General Manager (GM) is and who a Vice President (VP) is, you are not alone. You are confused because it is confusing. Largely because there isn’t a standard structure all companies follow for the read more
Data Access Restrictions Reduce Diversity in Scientific Research
Prof. Ross Levine’s new working paper is the first study of how an increase in competition affects the way companies respond to corporate social responsibility activities.You might think, when faced with increased competition, companies would pull read more
Climate Change, Growing Inequality, and the Coronavirus Pandemic
A paper co-authored by Berkeley Haas Asst. Professors Abhishek Nagaraj and Mathijs de Vaan finds that data access restrictions reduce diversity in scientific research.New technologies allow for the collection of large, high-quality datasets that can read more
Would You Trust Machine Learning With Your Life?
Assoc. Prof. Adair Morse speaks with Sir Ronald Cohen, an international philanthropist who has been described as the “father of social investment”, about climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.Climate change, growing inequality, and now, the read more
The CEO and the Chairman
Would you trust machine learning with your life? Considering the two primary mistakes ML is prone to, researchers are putting various theories to the test to see how much we can really rely on a machine to pick a vaccine.Machine learning is becoming read more
Innovation Surged When You Started Working from Home
The roles of a CEO and a chairperson, or more commonly known as the chairman, are often unclear. This might be because in some companies, the same person holds both titles. But they definitely are very different roles.Here’s how;A CEO is read more