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The CEO and the Chairman
Would you trust machine learning with your life? Considering the two primary mistakes ML is prone to, researchers are putting various theories to the test to see how much we can really rely on a machine to pick a vaccine.Machine learning is becoming read more
Innovation Surged When You Started Working from Home
The roles of a CEO and a chairperson, or more commonly known as the chairman, are often unclear. This might be because in some companies, the same person holds both titles. But they definitely are very different roles.Here’s how;A CEO is read more
Local Lockdowns for a Better Economy
Research by University of Nottingham’s John Gathergood and Chicago Booth PhD candidate Benedict Guttman-Kenney suggests that local lockdowns are less damaging to the economy than uniform national shutdowns.The initial reaction to the pandemic in Ma read more
Temporary Layoffs During the COVID-19 Recession
Something that distinguishes the COVID-19 recession from the Great Recession is that a lot of the current job losses are temporary layoffs. Which was not the case during the Great Recession. The current unemployed workers expect to end up back at the read more
Are Asia Pacific Sovereign Bonds Worth the Risk?
A working paper by UCLA Anderson’s Mikhail Chernov, Notre Dame’s Drew Creal, and the Bank for International Settlements’ Peter Hördahl aim to uncover how investors are compensated for the joint risk of credit default and currency devaluation i read more
CEO vs President – What is the Difference?
Simply put, if the CEO is the top-most leader of the company, the president is usually second in command. But, what makes their roles different? Or similar?The CEO is the final decision-maker in any company. They are the highest-r read more