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The Power of Facebook Friends Over Solar Power
Research finds that the tech companies and innovation have an unexpected connection. Tech company turnover has reduced significantly over the past decade and tech company employment has also plummeted through this time. This has led to a reduced numb read more
How a Tech Boom Can Negatively Affect Local Businesses
A tech boom in a certain area can cause trouble for the non-tech companies there. This is a rather unexpected outcome of a local tech boom. But studies show that it is, in fact, true.The reason is that the housing prices start rising as affluent tech read more
Smartphone Air Quality Checks for Everyday Use
The severe fires and air pollution problems in the last year have triggered a higher use of apps that allow people to get real-time updates of the air quality and potential risk in the area. But that can be effective even without raging fires. Before read more
What is the Role of a CEO?
The role of CEO or the chief executive officer is very coveted and one of the ultimate goals or achievements for many executives. While everyone wants to be a CEO, not everyone is clear about everything a CEO does, exactly.Let us start with who a&nbs read more
Creating an Environment for Business Success
Social psychologists focus on the external circumstances that affect the behavior of individuals. Like their environments. Creating an environment that is strong and helps to move people in the direction of their goals.Revisiting Kurt Lewin’s idea read more
How Do Antitrust Charges Fare Against Big Tech Companies?
Over 20 years ago, in 1998, the United States government filed antitrust charges against Microsoft. Now, with a new Department of Justice antitrust case filed against Google, researchers have found similarities between these two cases.On this episode read more