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Apartments for sale in Kompally | Myra Project
Apartments for sale in Kompally is an exclusive gated community offering luxurious 2 and 3 BHK flats. The apartments are available in both East and West-facing options and are surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene and peaceful living enviro
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Elite Gated Community Plots In Chennai
These days people do not want just homes, they desire for a lifestyle par excellence. Gated community is an insightfully designed new lifestyle solution. Gated community apartments have come a long way and have evolved over the years.
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FSI: Benefits, Importance, And Calculation
FSI is one of the most important aspects of the real estate industry. This is the floor space index sometimes called the floor area ratio (FAR).
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What Is FAR Full Form And How To Calculate?
The floor area ratio calculates the entire area. Non-occupancy areas such as basements, parking garages, stairways, and elevator shafts are excluded from the square footage calculation.
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Latest Modern Pooja Room Design Ideas in 2024
Traditionally the pooja room design is a sacred space designated for meditation found in every Indian home. No Indian household is complete without this pooja half.
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The Best 15 Most Visited Real Estate Websites in India - 2023
In the digital age, searching for real estate information has become more accessible and convenient with the proliferation of online platforms.
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