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Impact of GST on Real Estate and Homebuyers
Purchasing a property involves a lot of paperwork and payments such as registration fees, TDS, stamp duty, GST, etc. It is essential for the homebuyer to know these charges and to stay up to date with them especially about GST.Before the GST entered
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Impact of Coronavirus on Indian Real Estate
The whole globe has seen and experienced the adverse effect of coronavirus. If we talk about India, every industry has to face severe setbacks due to this pandemic especially the real estate industry.Ever since the Coronavirus impacted humanity in De
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TDS Provisions on Rent Paid, Under the Income Tax Laws
Tax revenue is the biggest source of the government’s income. There are various kinds of taxes like income tax, sales tax, wealth tax, corporate tax, and many more. You may have seen or heard about TDS in your salary slip or while doing any banking
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How COVID-19 Has Changed Real Estate Marketing?
It is evident at this point that the Covid-19 pandemic has permanently modified the way we live and work. The virus has impacted our offices, our homes, our outdoor spaces, every place. The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit every single sector of th
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Will COVID-19 Push People Into Buying Homes?
Diverse markets have been severely affected by COVID-19. Although some sectors such as healthcare have benefited, due to the pandemic, a few others, such as the real estate industry, are facing a downtrend in the market. However, the pandemic has tur
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PG in Laxmi Nagar New Delhi | Girls PG In Laxmi Nagar Near Metro Station
Find PG with cheap AC & Non AC paying guest accommodation, Girls PG In Laxmi Nagar near Metro Station & Nirman Vihar with all amenities provide by COMFORT
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