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Impact of Covid-19 on Commercial Real Estate | hBits Blog
Read how the impact of Covid-19 on commercial real estate sector is perceptible.
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What are the Best Options for Owning Real Estate? | hBits Blog
Take a look at some of the best real estate ownership opportunities like fractional commercial real estate, REITS, etc. that can earn maximum returns.
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Commercial Realty: Way To Build Wealth For NRIs | hBits Blog
NRIs can build wealth by being a partial owner of commercial real estate properties across India at a small ticket size with help of fractional ownership.
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Best Ways to buy Real Estate in India | hBits Blog
Checkout how people with less funds can buy commercial real estate in India with options like fractional ownership, RIETs, and real estate funds.
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Property Buying: as Easy as Shopping Online | hBits Blog
Read how online property purchase has emerged as the key to sustained ownership of commercial real estate in the midst of the covid-19 lockdown.
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Invest in Mauritius
Full Ownership of Property in Mauritius The PDS' principle is to enable foreigners to buy real estate in the country in full ownership, with a minimum investment of 500 000 USD allows the buyer to apply for permanent residency.
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