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Increase in interest rates have on property prices across Australia
If you are still concerned about rising costs and interest rates and you still have savings from your super that you would like to invest. Consider investing with a property developer who would offer you a high return on your investment.
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Buy an investment property and generate a fixed income using your super
An SMSF offers significant advantages, including the possibility to invest in property directly. A fund can purchase residential or business property.
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How to find a perfect property hotspot to invest
A recent study from major banks in Australia have found that the most important factor in deciding where someone will live is their proximity to work.
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How to find a perfect property hotspot to invest
However, the resource sector in Western Australia has seen a decline in its value over the years and this has contributed to a decrease in population growth and a fall in median house prices.
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What impact would an increase in interest rates have on property prices across Australia?
A select few property experts have been constantly predicting how property prices could drop for the next few years consistently after 2 consecutive interest rate hikes in last few months by the RBA.
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A Guide To Using Super Funds To Buy An Investment Property
An SMSF or a self managed super fund allows Australians with superannuation the opportunity to purchase one or multiple investment properties. When buying a house using super, you cannot intend to live in that property and needs to be only for invest
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