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Top Refurbished Battery Shop in India
The first restored battery brand in India is called ReStore, and it specialises in reviving and refurbishing batteries used in stationary devices like solar panels and UPS inverters. Call Us: +91-9706076076
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Vortex Mixer Shaker Singapore
Vortex Mixer Shaker are used for thorough mixing of precipitates in test tubes, small bottles or flasks. In cell culture and microbiology laboratories they may be used to suspend cells. The Vortex Genie Series includes some of the industries’ best
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Anesthesia Machines
Anaesthetic machines dispense a mixture of gases and vapours in varying proportions to control a patient's level of consciousness, analgesia, or both during surgical procedures.
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Decontamination Systems in Singapore
The Effluent Decontamination System is designed to sterilize and neutralize liquid waste from facilities dealing with potentially contaminated effluents.
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pharmaceuticals APIs and Intermediate import export
A & C extends its contribution to society through its import and export department. Our clients are pharmaceutical manufacturers and marketers from across the world, we offer services like consulting, sourcing, product development, and logistics hand
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Laboratory Pocket pH Meter
Pocket pH meter is very new which is a droplet type pH meter. It can be used widely in food and beverage such as soil, water-soluble cutting oil, alkaline cleaning liquid.
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